Capcom Reveals Resident Evil 7 Elements, VR Mode Causes Nausea, Substantially Increases Cost Of Developing The Upcoming Game

The fans of Resident Evil are excited since Capcom has come out to reveal some interesting things about the upcoming Resident Evil 7. It has stated that the franchise isn’t going to feature action superheroes and neither will it incorporate quick time events.

The developers are going to approach the survival horror franchise in the most basic manner and will bring some of the classic elements from the previous games into Resident Evil 7.

Polygon has revealed that Resident Evil 7 is going to bring the green herbs back. The green herbs were last seen in the first ever Resident Evil game and were used by the players to heal the damages incurred. The Resident Evil Ambassadors, who receive the latest updates from Resident Evil 7 via the newsletter, were informed by Capcom that green herbs are going to return.

The Resident Evil 7 fans were shown a photo of the healing items in the game. Along with the green herbs that the fans are aware of, there was the presence of a mysterious gold coin as well. This gold coin has piqued the interest of the fans, but Capcom hasn’t been very open about further information.

Capcom has a history of increasing the interest of the fans in their upcoming games by providing some hints, but then not letting too much information out of the bag. Capcom seem to be utilizing this same tactic with its gold coin prior to releasing Resident Evil 7. Fans can be sure that the image with the gold coin won’t be the last teaser that Capcom releases for Resident Evil 7.

Fans have speculated that the gold coin might be a piece of currency that the players can use in Resident Evil 7. This has given rise to speculation that there is going to be an in-game vendor in Resident Evil 7.

Other players believe that the gold coin can be used to save the entire game. Given the nature of Resident Evil 7, there is a chance of the gold coin being anything.

The hype about virtual reality is on the rise, and the headset comes into play for experiencing every little thing in virtual life. The VR headset is now being used by game developers to increase the intensity of their games, and the latest group of developers to join the bandwagon includes the horror franchises.

Resident Evil have become the trendsetters when it comes to using virtual reality for their horror game. It is going to let the players of Resident Evil 7 get highly involved playing the game.

Daily Mail has reported that the experience of playing Resident Evil 7 with a virtual reality headset has caused players to be so thoroughly involved in the action that they really feel that they are inside the game.

Resident Evil is a survival horror game where players have to fight against monsters and zombies. The virtual reality version of the game is going to let the players enjoy the first-person point of view of the game. They will feel that they are interacting with the monsters and the zombies for real.

When Capcom carried out trial sessions with the players for the VR mode of Resident Evil 7, many reported of sickness and nausea. Kotaku reported that VR mode in Resident Evil 7 is a complete mess since players felt sick and nauseous in between the game. This reveals how poorly the VR was implemented in the game and how badly it is affecting the individuals.