Capcom Reveals Resident Evil 7 Elements, VR Mode Causes Nausea, Substantially Increases Cost Of Developing The Upcoming Game

Mr. Jun Takeuchi, the managing corporate officer of Resident Evil 7 has revealed that VR is ideally suited for horror games. He went on to state that the virtual reality in Resident Evil 7 is going to affect people who are immersed in the game for a long time.

With Capcom including the VR mode in Resident Evil 7, the interest of the players in the game might have grown, but the developers had to increase their development cost for the same significantly as well. Capcom admitted that the addition of the VR mode has caused them to invest a lot more in Resident Evil 7.

There is a lot of technology that goes into making the video game compatible with virtual reality mode. Graphics need to be more complex to provide the players with a closer insight. According to Vine Report, Capcom was successful in incorporating the VR mode into Resident Evil 7 whilst incurring the least possible amount of additional cost.

While Capcom didn’t reveal their budget for Resident Evil 7, they have informed that they were able to optimize the development process with technologies including 3D scanning, shading, and lighting. This helped them to minimize their additional cost while maintaining the standard.

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