Spring Challenge Now Live in The Sims 4, Game to Be Released for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 In Future!

The Sims 4 is a life simulation game that has been developed by The Sims Studio in collaboration with Maxis. The announcement for the game was made back in 2013 and it was released by Electronics Arts for Microsoft Windows and OS X in 2014.

Rumors regarding a brand new patch for the game were doing rounds on the internet for quite some time. This new update was supposed to be the Spring Challenge patch and it was supposed to release on March 22 and it did.

The update which is currently live brings forth new challenges like the Easter Egg Hunt and the Growfruit Challenge. Apart from the new introductions, the update also brings about certain bugs and error fixes to the game.

Certain changes to the gallery will also be incorporated by the new update. In-game items that hang from the wall will become easier to move after application of the update.

A few fixes to the skill-building aspect of the game that will be introduced by the new patch include-

  • The Cupcake machine will now be taken as a food perp.
  • The yoga mat will now be counted as an equipment for workout.
  • The Perform Routine in Space comedy will now come under the head of routine practice.
  • Sims will now finish a book that they have started reading.

As for the Growfruit Challenge, players will be tasked with growing these fruits which can be used for the purpose of eating. These fruits also process fertilizing capabilities and thus can also be excellent fertilizers for other plants.

Jasmine Holiday, the new sim in the game is in possession of the seeds for these Growfuits. Players will have to interact with her and acquire seeds of Growfruits. She can be found in Willwo Creek, or Oasis Springs or Community Gardens.

Players will be able to recognize her from the pink blazer that she will be seen wearing. The blazer will have the picture of a green Growfruit attached on its back side.

Players will be able to interact with her in five ways which are-

  • Ask for Growfruit Starter Pack.
  • Ask for Fertilizer.
  • Ask About Growfruit Challenge.
  • Ask About Egg Hunt.
  • Give Growfruit.

In this challenge, players will be tasked with growing and then collecting 20 Growfruits. These Growfruits need to be kept in the Inventory after they are collected. To harvest the fruits, players will have to take proper care of the plant and make sure that it is watered and weeded on a regular basis.

After accumulating 20 fruits, players will have to return to Jasmine with them. She will give a special Growfruit challenge garden pot as a reward to the player. Players will also be offered a chance to grow a special Growfruit which is perfect in every way.

This special Growfruit will be kept in an additional planter pot. To grow a special Growfuit, the plant needs extra care and nurturing. Fertilizers and fish should also be used to make it healthy and strong.

In the Easter Egg challenge, players will have to search and find out 10 eggs that have been decorated for the Easter Eggs event. These eggs will be found inside logs that are scattered in the neighborhood of the sim.

Players will be asked to search for frogs when they interact with the fallen logs. Doing so will give them an Easter Egg and sometimes a frog too. The successful completion of this mission will reward the player with a stuffed bunny which can be found in the mailbox.