Double XP and Discount Event Currently Live in GTA 5 Online, Rumored Future DLC Likely to Bring “Inch By Inch” Adversary Mode to The Game!

The multiplayer version of GTA 5, that is GTA 5 Online has become immensely popular among fans. Rockstar has rolled out multiple DLCs for the game and held a number of events which has continued to draw a large number of players towards it. The latest reports about GTA 5 Online suggest that a Double XP event is currently being held in it.

This brand new event has been titled III-Gotten Gains Week. From the name itself, it can be guessed that the developers have themed the event on an update by the same name that was previously released for the game. The event began on March 25 and will come to an end on March 31.

Logging on to the game within this time period and taking part in the event will reward the player with a brand new T-Shirt. The T-Shirt has a logo on its front side which reads Shoulder of Orion II. It is basically a logo for the fictional film.

The event will comprise of three types of races and players will be able to take part in these races to earn double RP. The events will be accessible through the launch screen of the game. All the events will be held on different days and here is a list of the event along with the dates on which they are to be held-

  • Street Races- This event will begin in March 25 and will come to an end on March 27.
  • Air Races- This race will start on March 28 and last till the next day, that is March 29.
  • Sea Races- This will last from March 30 to March 31.

On completion of the above Playlists, players will be able to replay them and they will once again be rewarded with Double RP. All these Playlists can be found Under the head of Rockstar Playlist in the pause menu.

Apart from the Double XP events, Rockstar is also offering a discount on some of the vehicles that were incorporated into the game through the ILL-GOTTEN GAINS Update Part 2. The vehicles which are being offered at a discount throughout the course of the event include- Coil Brawler, Invetero Corquette, Progen T20, BlackFin. Also included in the list is the Dinka Vindicator motorcycle.

All these vehicles are currently available at a 25% discount in the game. These vehicles can be obtained by opening the Legendary Motorsport website on the iFruit phone.

It should also be noted that aside from offering a discount on the selling price of the vehicles, Rockstar is also offering a discount on the cost of modifying them. All these vehicles can be modified at a 25 % discount at the Los Santos Customs.

Apart from these vehicles, Rockstar is also offering a discount on a sea-based vehicle. The Lampadati Toro is the sea-based vehicle whose selling price is currently slashed off by 25 %. It can be bought from the DockTease dealer.

Discount is also currently being offered on a weapon which can be obtained from Ammu-Nation. The weapon in question here is the Knuckle Duster. At present, the item is up for grabs at a 50 % discount.

Discount can be availed on all the different types of Knuckle Dusters which include the likes of The Rock and The Pimp.

All the clothing and tattoos that were brought forth to the game via the ILL-GOTTEN GAINS Updates are also seeing a discounted price at the moment. All the clothing items of the ILL-GOTTEN GAINS updates are now being offered at a discount of 50 %. The same rate of discount can be availed on all the 30 tattoos that were introduced through the said update.