Abby Lee Miller Bosses Todrick Hall While Filming for Commercial, Threatens Photographer into Removing Photos of the Girls!

Abby Lee Miller had used the opportunity of talking about Maddie Ziegler leaving Dance Moms to her advantage and had been saying that she is the one responsible for making a star out of her. She credited herself with the talent to identify young performers who can go ahead to make it big in life.

Lifetime had come out to reveal that Maddie Ziegler is not going to be back for Dance Moms after the sixth season and while some fans thought that this would herald the end of the dance reality show, Abby Lee Miller came out to state that the show will continue even without Maddie Ziegler since she is going to be one of the many she had trained who have gone on to become stars.

Inquisitr reported that Abby Lee Miller had gushed about herself at the Kid’s Choice Awards and said that she was proud of the fact that she could make stars out of ordinary youngsters who would then win accolades in their respective fields. She also added that she would create performers who are competitive and employable who were great in what they do.

Brynn Rumfallo had been introduced to the series to fill in for Maddie Ziegler when she was away from the beginning of Season 6. However, now that she is back, Brynn is having to fight her way to stay in the group. She is still not a permanent member of ALDC.

Abby Lee Miller prefers Brynn over the other girls since she is a talented dancer and won majority of the competition after becoming a part of ALDC. She pits Maddie and Brynn once again in the coming episode and says Brynn’s win will determine her fate in ALDC.

While reports suggest that Brynn and her mother Ashlee left the studio in tears, there are reports that the trio comprising of Brynn Rumfallo defeats Maddie Ziegler and team.

With all the tension about who would go on to fill Maddie Ziegler’s shoe in ALDC, Abby Lee Miller decided that she is going to bring in a guest who will shoot a commercial with the girls. According to Fashion n Style, the mothers reported that the girls were very excited since they loved Todrick Hall and will now get an opportunity to work with him.

Abby Lee Miller wanted the girls to perform a routine that was inspired from the musical The Wizard of Oz. She also informed that the girls will not only dance in the commercial, but also sing since it is inspired from the musical. The stakes are high this week since everyone wants to make a mark and come out on top in order to claim the spot that Maddie Ziegler will leave behind.

The girls will be nervous and worried, but it is going to be the moms who crack under pressure. Kalani Hilliker’s mother Kira Hilliker will have a nervous breakdown and will face a lot of ire from the other moms.

Jessalyn Siwa, mother of JoJo Siwa will be pissed with Kira and will make it known to her. The mothers are not the only one who create drama, Abby Lee Miller is also going to join them during the course of the upcoming episode.

Abby Lee Miller is known to make a situation difficult with her antics and that is exactly what she did when the girls start shooting for the commercial with Todrick Hall. Hall is known to have made over 300 videos and is well-known as a dancer, composer and director who rose to fame thanks to YouTube. The girls have starred in her video Freaks Like Me back in 2014.