Amy Realizes Something Shocking About Sheldon, Penny to Change Her Career in the Upcoming Episodes of The Big Bang Theory Season 9!

The poplar series is off on a hiatus for the past few weeks and looks like fans can expect new episodes from The Big Bang Theory Season 9 only after 31st March. The upcoming episode will be the nineteenth episode in the series.

Titled The Soldier Excursion Diversion, the episode will see Howard (Simon Helberg) and Leonard (Johnny Galecki) getting together to work on their new app and there will be something that Sheldon (Jim Parson) will end up telling a rather shocked Amy (Mayim Bialik).

International Business Times has reported that in the upcoming episode, Leonard and Howard with lie to Penny (Kaley Cuoco) and Bernadette (Melissa Rauch) and head to a movie screening where Will Smith will be present. They do not come clean to their respective wives and instead lie further stating that they were late because they had a flat tire.

Since Raj (Kunal Nayyar) couldn’t be there with them, they send him a text and tease him for having missed Will Smith. Raj will not like them for the way they behave with him and will tell their wives about the lie. It is not yet known if Raj makes them fall into trouble purposely or if he did it by mistake.

Raj has been struggling with his feelings lately and had turned to Bernadette and Penny for advice on what he should do about a gift that he had received from Emily (Laura Spencer). The girls strictly ask him not to indulge her and to definitely not go and meet her, but Raj being Raj, ends up going and meeting Emily and this act of his might get him into trouble with the girls.

Amy has a realization that will shock many of the viewers. She realizes that Sheldon is a hoarder since he wouldn’t throw away his damaged laptop and he tells Amy that he keeps all the thrown and unwanted things from the apartment in a storage unit and even makes Amy sign an agreement that she will not share the information with anyone before he takes her to the storage area.

According to Christian Daily, the upcoming episode is also going to be an interesting one since it will see Leonard’s father played by Judd Hirsch coming in to visit the gang for the first time. Penny has already met Leonard’s mother, but this will be the first time that she will be meeting his father and it is bound to be an interesting encounter.

Kaley Cuoco recently shared photos of Mayim Bialik and Jim Parson wearing masks on the sets of The Big Bang Theory Season 9 and it looks like the cast members are not feeling too good.

Season 9 didn’t start on the right note with Sheldon and Amy breaking up and Penny and Leonard getting married, but ever since then the season had delved deep into the relationship of the characters and it is now turning out to be one of the most interesting ones.

There are talks of CBS bringing the series back for the tenth season and all the cast members were on board with the idea. The showrunners feel that they shouldn’t place a time limit for themselves.

They said that they will keep making the series as long as they have a story to tell. With the story of the Amy-Sheldon, Penny-Leonard, Bernadette-Howard complete, the focus will now be on Raj finding his lady love.