Amy Realizes Something Shocking About Sheldon, Penny to Change Her Career in the Upcoming Episodes of The Big Bang Theory Season 9!

The Big Bang Theory Season 9 had begun with Sheldon asking Penny and Leonard what he would do with the ring that he had been planning to give to Amy now that she has broken up with him. Amy has found out the existence of the ring from Meemaw and she knows that it is still there.

There are speculations that since The Big Bang Theory Season 9 had begun with the ring, the season will end up with the ring as well and might see Sheldon proposing to Amy. The possibility of it is very high since Amy and Sheldon have taken their relationship to a new level and Sheldon has matured to handle the relationship very well.

There has been speculation that Penny might be thinking of changing her career. She had always wanted to be an actress, but while she knows that it isn’t practical to head that way, being a pharmaceutical rep isn’t a very interesting prospect for her either even though she is good at her job.

Steve Molaro, the showrunner said that it is time for Penny to change her career and go for something more rewarding. Fans have never appreciated the fact that she had to settle for a career and they feel it is time she chooses what she wants and goes for it.

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