Spoilers for The Second Season of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Surface, Justice Society of America to Feature in The Upcoming Season, And More

He also revealed that since the Oculus has been destroyed and the Time Masters abolished, the Legends will be taking up the responsibility of being the Time Masters in the upcoming season. It will be interesting to see how the Legends so much power and responsibility at the same time.

Guggenheim also stated that fans will be seeing a second set of superheroes in the upcoming season. Whether he was indicating towards the Justice Society of America by making that statement is not clear though. As for the members of the Justice Society of America, it was reported that they will become a significant part of the second season.

One of the members of this team is Hourman and the character will reportedly be played by Patrick J. Adams. The version of Hourman that will be portrayed in the upcoming season is the Rex Tyler version. In this version of Hourman, Rex Tyler becomes capable of gaining superhuman powers for one hour at a time with the help of a drug.

It was reported that the creative team of Legends of Tomorrow is on the lookout for a male who is 20-30 years old. He will be portraying a role of a superhero who had a World War II hero for a grandfather. The development of superpowers will finally enable him to live up to the legacy of his family.

Stay tuned for more update on Legends of Tomorrow Season 2.