Shyne Johnson’s Identity to Be Revealed in Empire Season 3, Chaiken Confirms That Either Rhonda or Anika Fell off the Balcony, And More

Empire will reveal more details on Shyne Johnson’s identity in the upcoming Season 3. Shyne was already introduced during season 2 of Empire but in the upcoming episodes, the show will focus on who she really is.

Ilene Chaiken spoke to Entertainment Weekly and revealed that she is a very important character and will be featured on multiple storylines in the upcoming season. In the third season, Tariq and Shyne will be seen in the mix.

Shyne couldn’t necessarily turn into an adversary but Tariq can become an opponent. Meanwhile, Lucious has a long and important history with him. That particular history will return and disturb Lucious due to a lot of earlier sights. If there is a guy who isn’t afraid to die or even end up in prison, he could become quite a dangerous adversary.

Chaiken also talked about Tariq, stepbrother of Lucious. Tariq’s relationship with Lucious was revealed during the final episode of season 2. Besides that, the showrunner revealed that this surprising turn will bring in the setting for Empire Season 3.

The makers are currently working on season 3. The season 2 finale with its major cliffhangers, actually paved the way for a thrilling and thought-provoking Season 3.

A Godfather-themed creation of crime and hip-hop will be featured on Empire Season 3. That is what they are up to and moreover, Tariq being Lucious’ half-brother makes it more unconventional, personal and certainly dark.

In the meantime, people are asking a lot of questions about season 3. Firstly, who was it that fell off the balcony? The last episode of season 2 was a major cliffhanger. Andre went to the balcony in order to call Anika for Lucious but he came across a fight between his wife Rhonda and Anika.

The two were seen struggling near the edge of the balcony and from the sound of it, one of them experienced a long fall. Right now, people are wondering whether it was Anika or Rhonda who went over the railing.

In case it was Rhonda, what does this mean for Andre? He has been with us since season 1. In order to go through his struggles, he found faith and at the same time, he kept his bipolar disorder under control. After the death of his baby, his beliefs were massively shaken.

If he loses his wife as well, Andre will probably end up looking down a dark path. In the meantime, will Jamal keep going with his musical career? After getting out of hospital, Jamal said that he won’t sing again until the members broke their cycle of crime.

According to the finale, Lyon could be making a corner but sadly, everything went out of control during Hakeem’s wedding. Although Jamal wrote a new song for the ceremony, he never got the chance to perform it since the wedding was called off by Laura.

As a result, Jamal’s music career is expected to be on hold. Meanwhile, Hakeem’s character witnessed the most growth in the 2nd season but he needs to overcome a major heartbreak situation.

He was truly in love with Laura but after witnessing all the drama and violence in his family, she called off the wedding. Hakeem will probably do his best to bring her back, in Empire Season 3.

When asked about the exciting finale, showrunner Ilene Chaiken revealed that they wanted to do it like never before and lay the foundation for the upcoming season. During an interview with Deadline, Ilene was asked about the character that fell off the balcony.