Shyne Johnson’s Identity to Be Revealed in Empire Season 3, Chaiken Confirms That Either Rhonda or Anika Fell off the Balcony, And More

According to Chaiken, it was either Anika or Rhonda but she is definitely not going to reveal the identity. However, one of them went off the edge and she is sure about it. People wondering whether it was both characters who fell should stand corrected now.

Deadline revealed that Anika admitted to pushing Rhonda down the stairs which made her lose the baby. Ilene responded that she does admit it during their final moment but fans will have to wait till Season 3 to figure out whether the secret is revealed or it dies with Rhonda.

Where is Empire going with the 3rd season? Chaiken said that they have grouped all the colleagues together, at the network and the studio and some stories were successfully delivered.

The work has already been written and the makers are sure of the story they will tell you in Season 3.Chaiken spoke about Shyne Johnson as well. According to her, Xzibit’s Shyne Johnson and Lucious half-brother Tariq, will both feature important roles in the upcoming season.

Meanwhile, Gabby Sidibe plays Lucious’ assistant Becky, on the show and according to her post on Twitter, she was not at all happy about Smollett hinting that he could be off the series.

Stay tuned for more updates on Empire Season 3!