Ken Jeong Is Introduced In Fresh Off The Boat Season 2 as Louis’ Enstranged Brother Gene, Jessica Accepts Allison in the Chinese Double Episode, And More

In season 2 of Fresh off the Boat, you better get ready to meet another member of the Huang family. Episode 24 is named The Pain and it will introduce Louis Huang’s estranged brother Gene, played by Ken Jeong from Dr. Ken.

According to the official synopsis, Gene, the estranged brother of Louis will come to meet and he has some exciting news to share with the rest of the family members.

Meanwhile, Eddie does his best to watch the latest age inappropriate stand-up comedy from Chris Rock in spite of his brothers and parents disapproval regarding it. Louis’ brother Gene was shown during the promo of the video and he will be visiting the Huang family located in Orlando. Funnily enough, they are not in the best of terms.

However, the family goes to the airport in order to receive Gene. Louis greets Gene, saying that it was nice to see him again but the latter jokingly asks whether it’s his parole officer. Much to Louis’ discomfort, Gene hugs while Evan, Eddie and Emery are highly impressed with their new uncle.

At the same time, Louis keeps mocking the career choices of his brother, in the politest ways possible. Gene also announces that he is not in Orlando just to meet him. He declares that he is getting married.

Louis congratulates him and wants to know who the lucky lady is. Louis asks whether she is the masseuse who Gene met in Phuket. However, Gene responds saying that his fiancée’s name is Margaret.

She has a good family background and is a consultant. Gene admits that things are finally coming together for him while Louis offers to help him with his luggage. At the end of the promo, the brothers are fighting over the luggage while Eddie says that it’s a Chinese police fight and one should never give in.

According to him, things can get a lot more intense. Fresh Off The Boat is inspired by a true story. The show features Constance Wu as Jessica, Randall Park as Louis, Forrest Wheeler as Emery, Hudson Yang as Eddie, Chelsey Crisp as Honey and Ian Chen as Evan. Fresh Off The Boat has already been renewed for a third season.

In the meantime, the ABC family fans are quite delighted to witness a crossover of actors in the series. It has been revealed that another actor from Fresh Off The Boat will be seen in Dr. Ken, Jeong’s own TV Series. Ian Chen is playing Evan Huang and in a previous episode of Dr. Ken, he played a small role. Jeong has also commended the hit show previously.

According to Time, he declared that the show is really groundbreaking and he went as far as to say that Dr. Ken would not be on the air if it wasn’t for Fresh Off The Boat. Dr. Ken had a chance to succeed only due to the earlier success of Fresh Off The Boat. Jeong said that he loves those guys.

We all know that it’s really difficult to bring your partner home and introduce him/her to your parents. Well, it gets more difficult when you are actually a pre-teen named Eddie Huang.

Eddie’s mother, Jessica Huang, wants the best for her children and will go to any means to ensure that they do get the best. The Huang children are seen preparing for a summer break during a school year break.

The Huang children don’t get a fancy dinner at a new restaurant but instead, they enjoy a Chicken buffet at Cattleman’s Ranch. The scenario is quite similar to having takeout food while sitting at home.