Ken Jeong Is Introduced In Fresh Off The Boat Season 2 as Louis’ Enstranged Brother Gene, Jessica Accepts Allison in the Chinese Double Episode, And More

At the same time, the kids don’t get any actual presents; instead, they get the opportunity to bring a guest. Eddie uses this opportunity to introduce his mom to Allison. The only problem is Jessica secretly dreams that Eddie will get together with a Chinese girl.

She probably wants all her children to date nice Chinese girls but since Eddie is the oldest, the pressure on him is the greatest. Allison is not Chinese and Eddie tells her about his mom’s preference the next day. Naturally, Allison doesn’t wish to join him and his parents at Cattleman’s dinner.

Eddie plans a supervised study date so that his mom can get to know Allison better. Eddie hopes that his mom will be impressed with his newly-developed studiousness and she will ignore the fact that Allison is a white girl.

However, instead of Allison, Aubrey, the second chair piccolo of the youth orchestra, decides to appear. Allison explains everything on the phone.

In the end, however, everyone is happy and Jessica gets obsessed with Allison since she knows about her piccolo scholarship, more like it. Evan gets a handmade suit from grandma. Meanwhile, Emery and Faux-Allison are perfect for each other and he invites her to Cattleman’s Ranch as his date.

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