Spoilers for Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 Revealed, The Fate of Jo and Alex’s Relationship to Be Revealed Early this Season!

It was also reported that Meredith, played by Ellen Pompeo will land herself in some kind of trouble after she had a spat with Amelia. Apparently, there will be some kind of a fallout between Meredith and Maggie, played by Kelly McCreary, who is her second sister.

At the center of this fallout will be a man whom they both like. It is known that Maggie is attracted towards Martin Henderson’s Riggs. Apparently, Meredith too will try to hook up with Riggs and this will result in a rift between herself and her second sister.

A renowned website reports that the character of Penny will not be returning to the show in its upcoming season. It was seen in the previous season that the relationship between Penny and Callie came to an end after the latter lost a custody battle for her daughter Sofia against her ex-wife Arizona.

Michael Ausiello, a renowned entertainment writer is of the opinion that Penny will not be appearing on the show for the time being at-least. It is also known that Sara Ramirez who plays Callie has also left the show. Thus if in case Callie returns to the show at some point in the future, fans might also see the return of Penny along with her.

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