Julie Plec Talks About the New Villain in Season 8 of The Vampire Diaries, Candice King Talks about Upcoming Season Spoilers!

In Season 8 of The Vampire Diaries, we’ll get to see a new villain in play. Sadly, we really don’t know anything about this character. Season 7 finale left us quite tensed as Damon and the crew broke into The Armory in order to disconnect Bonnie from the final Everlasting and finally curing her of her Vampire crusade.

However, TVD fans know by now that when one plan succeeds, something else starts creating a problem or some other issue rises up. As a result, Elena’s voice managed to lure Damon into the nefarious vault. Then again, Enzo went inside the vault in order to help Damon and both vampires were trapped by the evilness inside.

According to Julie Plec, Bonnie will end up paralyzed by the struggle. Damon is the platonic guy in her life, her soulful best friend while Enzo has managed to become her one true love. Sadly, she lost both of them in one fell swoop.

On top of that, she lost her magic as well. She is suffering from a major deficit when it comes to solving the problem. It will have a major impact on her. Plec was asked about the name of the evil located inside the vault.

According to Plec, they haven’t decided upon a name for it and are simply waiting for Season 8. Internally, they have a name for it but it will not be revealed at the moment. They are withholding the identity and mythology of a new villain for the first in The Vampire Diaries.

The audience will not know about this entity, before the next season. The showrunner teased that what could it be that has been available for thousands of years. No one saw it but it has extremely creepy monster hands and it has the ability to get inside of your head and strip away everything that is good about yourself.

This indicates that a nice mystery is taking us to the next season but no one really knows about this creature. Paul Wesley, who portrays the role of Stefan Salvatore, has promised that Season 8 of TVD will be dark and twisted.

Season 7 of The Vampire Diaries ended with the reunion of Caroline and Stefan.The couple decided to get back together after their long separation and give another chance to their relationship. In the upcoming season, they will continue working on their relationship in spite of facing never ending problems.

Candice king plays Caroline Forbes’ character and she talked about the probable storyline in the 8th season. Damon, Enzo, Stefan, Caroline and Bonnie will work together in order to save their friends. After killing people, they are hanging their bodies upside down. They will search everywhere in order to find a cure for their cursed friends.

Candice said during an interview that the next season will be like a long road trip for The Vampire Diaries. Fans should look out for more turns and twists before they can save Enzo or Damon. Considering the relationship of Caroline and Stefan, this couple is still expected to face a lot of challenges in future.

Candice thinks that it wouldn’t be interesting if their story becomes too smooth. The actress said that she wants Paul’s character to chase her in the next season so that it adds another flavor. Moreover, her character has always been quite demanding. Ever since the first season, most relationships in The Vampire Diaries haven’t been stable or long-lasting.