Julie Plec Talks About the New Villain in Season 8 of The Vampire Diaries, Candice King Talks about Upcoming Season Spoilers!

Therefore, it is possible that the couple is not really meant for each other. Latest reports indicate that Nina Dobrev will be coming back as Elena Gilbert and this could be a reason of Stefan and Caroline getting separated. Moreover, Elena was always the first choice for every character in the show. If Elena comes back, Stefan will again struggle with his feelings for her.

Wesley shared that he enjoys the dynamic where two brothers are the opposite of one another. Wesley reported that he prefers to be the bad one but at the same time, he thinks it is nice when one of them is kind of falling from off the edge and the other brother is close to the viewpoint of the audience.

Wesley will take part in an off-broadway piece named Cal in Camo while TVD goes into summer hiatus. Sadly, Somerhalder didn’t offer too many details about the upcoming season. He mentioned the fact that the show has another year to tell this story.

This means that Season 8 could be the final season of The Vampire Diaries. The President of CW, Mark Pedowitz declared that the network has not decided whether The Vampire Diaries has reached its end. According to him, the upcoming season might have fewer episodes when compared to previous years.

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