Spoilers for Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 Revealed, The Fate of Jo and Alex’s Relationship to Be Revealed Early this Season!

Grey’s Anatomy is an American medical drama television series that made its debut on ABC back in 2005. The show is extremely popular and it also has a Golden Globe Award for Best Television Series to its name. The show received the award in the year of 2007.

Grey’s Anatomy has been renewed for a 13th season and various rumors and spoilers regarding that season are floating around the internet as of late. Apparently, more positivity will be brought about in the show in its upcoming season.

The 13th season will shed light onto the lives of the newlywed couple Amelia and Owen. It was seen in the previous season that on the day of their wedding, the skies opened up and it began raining hard which made the situation quite challenging for the duo.

Their wedding itself was a big challenge and the latest reports suggest that the couple will be facing even more difficult situations in the next season. The storyline that will revolve around Amelia and Owen will reportedly contain many twists and turns. The character of Amelia is played by Caterina Scorsoneand Owen is portrayed by Kevin McKidd.

It was seen in the previous season that April and Jackson decided to end their marriage. However, eventually it was seen that the duo decided to keep their differences apart when their child was born. They decided to dedicate their lives to raising their child.

Jesse Williams who plays the character of Jackson recently stated that fans will be able to witness a “new kind of feel” in their relationship. Despite failing, the relationship does have some kind of a silver lining and it is what that keeps both Jackson and April going. The character of April is played by Sarah Drew.

It has also come to light that the fates of both Jo and Alex will be revealed early on in the thirteenth season. It was seen in the finale episode of the fifth season that Jo finally came forward with the true reason behind her saying no to Alex’s proposal.

It was revealed by Jo that previously, she was married to a man and that man used to abuse her. It is for this very reason that she was unable to say yes to the proposal of Alex. She spilled the beans under the influence of alcohol in a conversation with Andrew, played by Giacomo Gianniotti.

It was also seen that Alex walked up on Andrew helping Jo to get settled and he came under the impression that there might be something going on between them. Upon this impression, Alex punched Andrew.

Many fans have come forward with their suggestion regarding the Jo-Alex situation. Some are of the opinion that Jo’s hiding of her past is justified. It is because, if she had told Alex about the man that used to abuse her, he could have just gone and killed him in rage.

Some other fans stated that it was time for the relationship between Jo and Alex to come to an end. Apparently, fans have been requesting Shonda Rhimes, the executive producer of the show to bring an end to the relationship of Jo and Alex.

Apparently, they want Alex to hook up with Meredith. A particular fan stated- “Alex and Meredith yeeha! Nothing against Jo, but Alex and Meredith have to be together, even though at first that felt so incestuous, now I ship them a lot!”

Camilla Luddington who plays Jo, recently came forward with some insights regarding the situation. She stated that in the upcoming season, Jo will have a lot of explaining to do. She will have to come face to face with her secrets and reveal as to why she kept all of itunder wraps for such a long period of time.