Spoilers for American Horror Story Season 6, Exhibit at SDCC 2016 Shows a Hospital Setting, And More

Emma Roberts, the 25-year old actress, was at Comic-Con to promote her new movie, Nerve, on Friday along with the upcoming Scream Queens Season 6. Her fans received a special treat when she divulged some info about the sixth season of American Horror Story.

She first appeared on Season 3 of the FX Anthology Series, Coven. She played the role of bad-girl and witch Madison Montgomery. She came back for Freak Show in Season 4 as Maggie Esmeralda, the con-artist. After that, she took a break from the series during the fifth season. From the looks of it, she has been pretty busy with her career.

A curious fan decided to grill her regarding whether she would be returning in Season 6. Roberts explained that she might return and in fact, she was about to do it last season. According to her, she would love to join the cast and do a few episodes.

Because she is already a star for Scream Queens, more than one TV roles won’t be that daunting for the actress. The creative geniuses behind American Horror Story, Brad Falchuk, and Ryan Murphy, are also the creators of Scream Queen. Details about the sixth season are pretty scarce, and a title is yet to be announced.

However, a few returning cast members have already been confirmed. Fans can look forward to seeing actors like Denis O’ Hare, Matt Bomer, Angela Bassett, Evan Peters, Cheyenne Jackson, Lady Gaga and Leslie Jordan. Season 6 of American Horror Story will premiere on 14th September.

Season 6 of American Horror Story is now being developed. The theme for the new show is yet to be revealed by the showrunners, but rumors indicate that the scares will take place inside a hospital. The show was present at Comic-Con, and it was presented in the Fearless VR Experience video game which provided some hints regarding the new season.

Keep in mind that there are some spoilers, so you wish to avert your eyes, now is the time! According to Zimbio, the AHS VR video shows a gurney being wheeled into a room which looks like an abortionist’s clinic or a morgue. The dark place appears to be cold and dirty and includes a lot of fetuses, placed in various items and jars.

They can be seen located inside the lab of a mad scientist. The clip lasts 30 seconds and ends with a cryptic symbol of Season 6. It shows a red question mark along with the number 6.

E! Online reports that Ryan Murphy teased during the AHS: Hotel PaleyFest event that in the upcoming season, the innocence of children will be covered in a new way. According to him, they are working on two different ideas which are something they have never done in the past.

The upcoming Season 6 will have a different form compared to what they have done before. However, he decided against revealing any more details at the moment.

The show focused on one setting in the previous season. It featured a haunted mansion, a mental asylum, and a circus among other stuff. Murphy’s statement suggests that the new season will happen in two dissimilar settings, or it will cover two different threats at the same time. Fans should learn to expect twice as many horrors and scares.

Emma Roberts shared some details about the sixth season as well. According to the actress, she could be coming back in the next season.

Various cast members have already been confirmed, like Matt Bomer, Denis O’ Hare, Lady Gaga, Angela Bassett, Cheyenne Jackson and Leslie Jordan. Roberts was introduced on the show back in Season 3, and he returned again in Season 4. During the fifth season, she took a break.