An Armored Hulk Will Be Featured In Thor: Ragnarok, the Filmmakers Did Something Funny in Comic-Con!

There were two Thor videos dropped by Marvel in Comic Con. One of them was funny while the other was pretty serious. According to Mark Ruffalo, ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ is an intergalactic buddy road film. Comic-Con witnessed a sizzle reel on Saturday, and it was suggested that someone took control of the steering wheel during the galactic road trip which further lead to a major fight.

The video comes with actual footage and concept art, and it ended with Chris Hemsworth engaged in battle with an armored Hulk. Some lighter Thor fare was also presented by Marvel. Now, people are wondering where Thor and Hulk were during Civil War.

Taika Waititi, the director, made a mockumentary about it, and it was shown exclusively at Comic-Con. In that, fans witnessed Thor hanging out in Australia with an awesome, super roommate named Daryl while the other Avengers were fighting one another.

In that video, it is revealed that Thor is taking some ‘me time’ but he seems quite eager to return to the battlefield. He gets annoyed when Tony Stark calls Hulk but not him.

On Stark’s defence, it is more difficult to send him a raven than to drop Hulk a phone call. On Thor’s bedroom, we can see a board which focuses on the conspiracy regarding Infinity Stones, where they are located and how does it all connect to his villainous brother Loki.

Cinema Blend talks about it in details. After the events in Sokovia, Thor hasn’t been much involved in anything. He decided that he wants to be around normal people for the time being. However, his roommate Daryl is a bit confused since Thor’s hammer Mjolnir is sitting on the floor, and it’s difficult for him to vacuum the room.

However, Thor has continued to do good deeds during the free period. He visits the school and talks to children about his comrades in The Avengers. However, he spends most of his time disturbing his new roommate.

He visits Daryl at work and makes him send some emails to Steve Rogers and Tony Stark. He checks in with their problems and tries to find out if one of them needs their help with anything.

Sadly, the process needs a little more tact since he asks Iron Man about the fun time he had while building a dangerous robot and threatening the entire world with it. He also tells Captain America how he never told the others about the time when he goaded the Captain into killing some prisoners.

The funny compilation also focused on Thor’s other affairs in Midgard while doing a swift tour of his bedroom which features runes on a sign that reads, “Keep Out, Daryl”. As already mentioned, he has a giant board which he uses for investigating the Infinity Stones. Thanos is in the centre, and Thor’s takes him time describing him.

He says that the fellow is somehow in the centre of it all. He has a magic glove, and he’s purple. Also, he doesn’t like standing up as well.

Thor doesn’t get any response from Captain America or Iron Man, but he occasionally meets up with Bruce Banner to discuss certain topics. These include the scientist having problems with wearing pants, which are left cut-off after he transforms into the Hulk.