An Armored Hulk Will Be Featured In Thor: Ragnarok, the Filmmakers Did Something Funny in Comic-Con!

However, he is very pissed about the fact that Tony Stark is calling Bruce instead of him. The fact that Bruce is turning down money for joining them agitates him more. However, the problem is that Thor doesn’t have a phone.

According to him, they can simply send him a raven. From the looks of it, this funny documentary will not be posted online. However, most of us have our fingers crossed with hopes of seeing it in the Blu-Ray edition.

Meanwhile, people are anxious to see Tom Hiddleston with Taylor Swift on the red carpet. Marvel fans were pretty excited about seeing him on-screen with Mark Ruffalo. After ‘The Avengers’ of 2012, this is the first time that Loki is seen on-screen with The Hulk. From the looks of it, the two will go through a period of tension.

According to Hiddleston, Loki has some things to say about what happened with Hulk the last time they came together. All the other Avengers provided some great screen-time with Loki, but Hulk generated some excellent fight sequences with the trickster. While revealing all that, Hiddleston was very careful about spoilers.

However, at last month’s Wizard World Philadelphia, Loki told the audience that Hulk showing up in Ragnarok is not secret at all. He said that the script is mesmerizing, and Taika Waititi is a great, spiritual leader.

In other news, Waititi revealed that he wanted to diversify the cast of Thor: Ragnarok and according to him, it’s pretty difficult to work with the Vikings.

Stay tuned for more info on Thor: Ragnarok!