Jaden Smith And Sarah Snyder Parties Together, Joins Justin Bieber On Stage At Madison Square Garden!

Jaden Smith and girlfriend Sarah Snyder have been dating since last September. While they had regularly been spotted initially, they are seldom spotted together. This had given rise to rumor suggesting that Jaden Smith might have cheated on her. While the world was wondering what went wrong with between the young lovers, the two were spotted together, putting all rumors to rest.

Jaden Smith and Sarah Snyder were spotted partying away with Snyder’s best friend, Kendall Jenner. The couple hasn’t come out to address the cheating rumors that have been going around, but the fans feel that the two hanging out together is proof enough that things are fine between them.

Jaden Smith had spent his 18th birthday without Sarah Snyder by his side. The two have been inseparable, hitting all the red carpet events together, and it was surprising for the world when they didn’t see Sarah with Jaden on his special day. It was at the same time that Jaden Smith was rumored to be cheating on Sarah with a mystery brunette.

Jaden Smith was out partying in Soho along with some of his friends and sister, Willow. However, when the birthday boy was spotted returning to his hotel, he had in his company a mystery brunette who hasn’t been spotted in his company before. This had hinted at things not working out between Jaden Smith and Sarah Snyder.

While this report hasn’t been denied by either of them, the very fact that Jaden Smith was out there with Sarah Snyder and friends at the Panorama Music Festival, proves that the two are still together.There are Snapchat videos of him dancing, which have been uploaded by Justin Skye and Kendall Jenner.

Jaden Smith had a very promising career, but he hasn’t been releasing any new album much to the disappointment of his fans. Jaden recently proved that he was a true Belieber when he joined Justin Bieber on stage while watching him perform at Madison Square Garden. Jaden Smith surprised everyone when he took the stage to MC the event during and even thanked Bieber for the opportunity on his Instagram page.

Jaden Smith wore an all-black ensemble with a black hooded t-shirt along with black trousers. He kept his dreadlocks tied up on the top of his head. Justin Bieber had taken the stage in a white t-shirt and ripped jeans.

He had a hoodie on top. The two rocked the show and even shared a rather emotional hug when the Purpose tour came to an end. Justin and Jaden Smith had teamed up once for the Never Say Never song and Bieber decided to surprise his fans by bringing Jaden Smith on stage for this particular song.

According to Daily Mail, Jaden Smith was spotted skateboarding at the Calabasas Mall on Saturday. While Jaden Smith had been spotted skateboarding on his own previously, what caught the attention of the fan during his recent outing was that he had in his mouth a golden grill.

It had become a fashion trend among rappers like Lil Wayne and Kanye West where they blinged their dental wear. Apart from the dental grill, Jaden Smith was dressed like any other typical teenager. He had on a long sleeve T-shirt, which he paired with a pair of skinny trousers. He had a black baseball cap on his head and completed the look with black Emerica skateboarding shoes.