Spoilers and Updates for Grimm Season 6 Revealed, Renard Possibly the Primary Antagonist of the Season!

All of these facts are clearly hinting towards the fact that Renard might become the big bad in the upcoming season. The season will also be shedding more light on Diana and who she actually is will also be revealed in it.

Renard’s rise to power has been phenomenal and David revealed that it is bound to have some effect on Nick and other people around him. It was seen that Nick was saved from certain death courtesy of a magical healing stick.

Fans might be wondering as to what actually this stick is and how does it have healing powers. Their questions will be answered in the upcoming season as it has been stated by David that more details regarding the stick will be divulged in season 6. It will also be revealed if the stick can be used for doing something devilish in case it ends up with someone evil.

A rumor that is currently floating around states that Nick might be killed off in the upcoming season and it might happen at the hands of Diana. It will be interesting to see whether or not Renard uses his daughter to get his dirty deeds done once the show returns to TV this October.

Stay tuned for more updates on Grimm Season 6.