Specs Of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Leaked, Powered By Snapdragon 820 Chipset!

There is a general sentiment that Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is going to be one of the most expensive smartphone/phablets in the market. BGR has reported that Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is supposed to have a price of €849 in Europe.

This makes it €50 more expensive than the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Samsung has always been one of the most affordable smartphones, but it looks like things are changing.

Samsung Galaxy 7S was almost as expensive as the cheapest variant of Apple iPhone 6S and hence it is but obvious that Samsung will increase its price for Samsung Galaxy Note 7 so that it falls in the same category of buyers as that of the Apple 6S.

Apple has the Apple iPhone 7 lined up for that year and in this context, Samsung will try to win the battle of tablets against Apple. Now that it is offering the VR experience with Note 7, there is a chance that Samsung will win this battle.

Samsung has already seen that there are quite a lot of buyers who are ready to shell out money for the latest smartphones with Android. It had kept the Galaxy 7S priced in the same bracket and did have a good sales record. Since Samsung is getting the dollars for its high-end Android phones, it has no reason to back down and go for a cheaper flagship when it comes to the phablet.

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