Some Crazy Transformers 5 Plot Details Have Been Revealed, Barricade Will Be Returning In a New Ford Mustang Cop Car, And More

There is also a Porsche Cayenne and a Humvee among other vehicles. Now, it hasn’t been confirmed whether any of these vehicles will be used in the upcoming movie or if any of them will be transforming into robots. The photos were taken during the last day of filming Transformers 5, in Phoenix. From Phoenix, the production will move to Flagstaff, Arizona.

In other news, a new vehicle mode was revealed by Michael Bay, designed for one of the robots in Transformers 5: The Last Knight. It is none other than the Decepticon Barricade. His vehicle mode was a fifth generation Ford Mustang police car which is based on the Saleen Stang.

In the latest movie, he has been upgraded to the sixth generation. It comes with a lot of earlier features like protective bars located on the front while rear fenders have the ‘to punish and enslave’ tag on them. Some of the new features include blacked out headlight surrounds, A-Pillar mounted spotlights along with a vented hood.

Further rumors indicate that a Bumblebee spin-off is currently under development and of course, there will be another sequel to The Last Knight.

Stay tuned for more updates on Transformers 5!