Snyder Wants Batman to Form the League, Will Jesse Eisenberg Play the Role of Lex Luthor in Justice League: Part 1? Let’s See

Snyder has informed that Justice League: Season 1 will see Batman and Wonder Woman bringing in crusaders and protectors to form a group. However, apart from this, what is more interesting to look at is that the film will focus on how Batman and Wonder Woman go all out to bring Superman back to life. There are rumors hinting at the prospect of Superman being resurrected in Justice League: Part 1.

We already know which superheroes will be a part of the first Justice League film. Parent Herald reported that Justice Leagues’ second part might see Green Lantern becoming a part of it.

There are reports that Tyrese Gibson might be asked to take the ring of Green Lantern. This news was first mentioned by Christian Today, who said that Warner Bros had approached the Grammy nominated singer to take the challenge and play the role of one of the most popular DC Comic superhero.

Gibson didn’t reveal much about his role. He said that there have been very many actors and artists who have tried to portray themselves as superheroes and see if they can land a role in a film playing them. Fans are hoping that there is an official confirmation on this matter.

There are speculations that Black Canary might also be making her appearance in Justice League: Part 1.

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