Sister Wives Season 6: Tell All Episode Coming Up, Christine Jealous of Robyn, Kody Doesn’t Blame Meri for Flirting, And More

Nancy made Kody and Christine realize that they were having problems in their marriage because of lack of communication. Nancy made them take part in an activity involving a rock sculpture and this problem came to the surface. While Christine wanted to build something that would symbolize their relationship, Kody wanted to build something symbolizing the whole family.

After this episode, Kody did realize that he was at fault and even agreed to spend more time with his other wives and children. However, when Tamron Hall asked why he wanted to build something for the whole family and not only for Christine, he refused to answer the question in front of the public.

Finally, when Meri’s catfish episode was brought into the limelight, Kody admitted to be aware of Meri having flirtatious chat with other men online. She was even cat-fished by a woman called Jacquelyn Overton, but Kody doesn’t blame her for her behavior. He said that given the kind of situation she was in, it was natural for her to want to open out for some love and attention.

The Tell All episode has shown the world that the Brown family is there for each other at all times. Visit the page for more news on Sister Wives Season 6.