Sister Wives Season 6: Tell All Episode Coming Up, Christine Jealous of Robyn, Kody Doesn’t Blame Meri for Flirting, And More

Sister Wives Season 6 was a rollercoaster ride. Even before the season had started there were rumors and speculations about what’s to come in the season and the fans were lapping in on all the drama.

Then came the Season 6 of Sister Wives on TLC and the viewers saw how interesting it was, with all the drama surrounding the marriage between Kody Brow and Robyn, the divorce between Meri and Kody, the custody proceedings, the other wives complaining Kody of not giving them enough time and finally with the catfishing incident that Meri got involved with.

With Sister Wives Season 6 coming to an end, TLC has decided to come up with a two-hour long Tell All episode, where the entire Brown family will come together to talk about the season that was. This episode will help the viewers know the members of the family better.

The first major drama in Sister Wives Season 6 happened when Meri revealed that she wanted to divorce Kody so that he could marry Robyn and get the custody of her three children from the previous marriage.

There were speculations that Meri was sacrificing her 25-year-old marriage for the sake of someone else’s happiness. There were discussions in the social media about Meri and Robyn not getting along as well.

However, things changed when Sister Wives Season 6 showed that it was Robyn who was the first one to find out that Meri is interested in ending her marriage with Kody. Robyn urged Meri to go ahead and discuss it with Kody before she took the final call.

The Brown family made it clear that things weren’t nasty between Robyn and Meri and Meri even came out to clear all the allegations.

In Sister Wives Season 6, Meri had made revealed that it wasn’t easy for her to see Robyn married to Kody. However, she knew that what she did was correct and for the sake of the whole family she had to be strong.

When the Tell All episode was being shot, Tamron Hall, a journalist from Today, asked Kody if he would be going back to Meri after divorcing Robyn, now that the custody issue has been sorted. Kody said that he had no such intention. He always upheld his spiritual marriages as legitimate and had to go through the legal drama with Robyn because of the custody laws.

There were speculations that with Robyn coming into the limelight this season, with the marriage and the pregnancy, things are going to be different in the Brown household. This was strongly contested by the family.

They said that the equation between the members of the family will not change since the change in the legal status of the wives was just a matter of some paper work and it wouldn’t reflect on the relationship.

However, things were easier said than done. With Robyn getting legally married to Kody and then her pregnancy, the other wives did notice that Kody was spending more time with her and on her. This didn’t go down well with the other wives. Janelle had always been sure that the equation around the house would change when Robyn would become the legal wife and it did.

It wasn’t Janelle who spoke about the changes that were taking place in the household, but Christine. Christine has never spoken about all these issues, but then she finally spoke out. Kody and she went on a romantic holiday, where Christine was insistent that they take their counselor Nancy along.