Sims 4: Bug Makes Male Characters Pregnant, New Mode To Send Sims To School, And More Details

On the other hand the company has gone ahead to release a new expansion pack named “Get to School Mode” that allows you to follow your kid Sims to school. The mode has two kinds of venues to be unlocked and placed in the world, one being elementary school the other being high school.

At the appropriate time the gameplay asks you whether you would like to follow your kid Sim to school and if you choose it, then you will be taken to the desired destination. This is not all the new expansion also includes options to send students out on field trip to museums and libraries.

EA has been considerate about the freebies that they have been providing with this game to its players. Yet again EA and Maxis came together and released three new costumes that are all yours for free. This costumed was released to celebrate Star Wars day and will surely make Star Wars fans happy.

With Sims 4 out and all its unusual bugs the company has a steep uphill climb to maintain its reputation. Although no serious damage has happened so far, the stakes are high.

This time the male pregnancy bug hit the right cord with its quirkiness, but fans are not going to be very happy with other bugs and issues that might come in with the new updates and expansions in Sim4.