Sims 4: Bug Makes Male Characters Pregnant, New Mode To Send Sims To School, And More Details

Sims has always been an exciting game for every age group and with the release of Sims 4, the game series from Electronic Arts, there has been a new buzz in the gaming world.  This time around the expansion packs released by the company has seen some funny yet serious bugs which might affect the reputation of the game.

The Get to Work expansion brought in one of the funniest bug ever seen in any games. It has been showing male characters in the game have a baby bump and having the feature to get pregnant.

The company added a twist by adding alien abductions in the Get to Work package and players have reported that male characters after getting abducted come back with a baby bump which is nothing, but a sign of pregnancy and not a prank where the character has made a fake bump.

After receiving various complains from players the developers of the game decided to fix the bug by reducing the abduction rate and also quietly remove the pregnancy bug. Much to their surprise, the problem was not fixed, but rather got worse. Players now complain that male characters are getting pregnant even without getting abducted. This pulls out the option of sci-fi element justification which could have become a possible argument given by Electronic Arts, the developers.

Ever since the release of Sims 4, players have made their male characters get the baby bump by using cheats. It is an unusual thing to happen even in the 21st century, but it being a funny little feature not many have complained about this quirky bug. Everyone seems to be enjoying seeing the man of the house take up responsibility of carrying the baby for the 9 months duration. The game in a way is trying to reduce gender in-equality by showing true division of labour.