Kingdom Hearts 3: Likely To Announced At The D23 EXPO, To Be Launched In Multiple Consoles, And More Details

It was earlier reported the Square Enix will launch Kingdom Hearts towards the end of this year. This announcement created much excitement among fans. This report created anticipation that the formal announcement for the crossover role-playing action game will be made at the June Electronic Entertainment Expo, popularly called at E3.

The news that Kingdom Hearts 3 will release at the end of this year is absolutely not true and a release date for this year is highly improbable. It looks like that the game developers will push it to 2016.

According to Day Herald, although the announcement about Kingdom Hearts 3 will be made at the E3 in the Los Angeles Convention Centre in June, the trailer of the game will be launched at the August D23 Expo to be organized at the Anaheim Convention Centre.

D23 Expo celebrates the world of Disney and brings together all the different group of companies under The Walt Disney banner. It is rather fitting that Kingdom Hearts 3 will release their game play trailer on that platform.

Square Enix is still fine-tuning and working on its graphics for Kingdom Hearts 3. Tetsuya Nomura, the director of the game revealed that the game is researching on the latest graphics techniques to meet the requirements of the recently launched technologically advanced gaming consoles.

He said that Kingdom Hearts 3 was ready, but then the creative department weren’t very happy with the graphics and set about trying to improve on the visual aspect of the games to meet the standards that the players currently expect from their video games.

There are rumors that Kingdom Hearts 3 is being handled by an Indian graphic designing firm. The development of the characters in the game are supposedly outsourced to an Indian firm called Laksyha Digital. This information has derived from the LindkedIn profile of a graphic designer from the firm.