Signs of Unoriginal Apple iOS Jailbreaks, Reports Indicate New 9.2 Jailbreak Update Coming Soon, And More

According to the report, the progress of TaiG was confirmed by a Chinese news website. The Official 3K Assistant Weibo Account further re-blogged this information. Later, the Weibo post was taken down. According to Popular Science, 3K is presently working on an untethered version and has asked the public to be patient.

Pangu has refused to share any information regarding this tool but they decided to release a semi-jailbreak option for the excited Apple users. Pangu released the semi-jailbreak tool 2 months ago. The tool is not fully functional and as a result, a lot of Apple users have doubts regarding it.

Use your Safari Browser to visit the official semi jailbreak tool website. You can bookmark the website after reaching it. In case you face installation problems, you can restart the process. First, you need to let your iOS version be verified after selecting the iOS 9.1 ‘jailbreak’ button.

After pressing the continue button, you will need to initiate jailbreak installation. The entire process takes 20-40 seconds to finish.  You can install. Press the exit button once you finish the installation process.

The demand for a proper jailbreak tool will increase so you can be sure that other groups are working to unblock and share the official jailbreak for interested Apple users.

Stay tuned for more updates on Apple iOS Jailbreak!