Shameless Season 6 Ended With Fiona And Sean Breaking Up, Debs Starts Accepting Help With The Baby, Season 7 Announced By Showtime!

Shameless Season 6 ended with a bang, with one of the most exciting episode this season. With the sixth season wrapped up, the show has already been renewed for Season 7.There are rumors suggesting that it might be the finale season for Shameless.

Showtime hasn’t been happy with the TRP that show has been having ever since its first season, but then it continued till the seventh season and fans are hopeful that Shameless will continue for some more seasons.

Shameless Season 7 will have twelve episodes and as reported by International Business Times, it is likely to premiere in January next year. While the main characters are all going to be back for Season 7 of Shameless, there is going to be some changes in the side characters. For instance, Sean (Dermot Mulroney) might not be coming back for Season 7 since he is no longer Fiona’s (Emmy Rossumi) fiancé.

There are no official words from the network yet, so fans will have to wait for the production to start before they can be sure of who all are coming back for Shameless Season 7. The production is going to start at the end of this year and the set photos will throw light on which characters are going to be a part of the next season.

While Season 7 takes shape, fans can enjoy a recap of the interesting finale of Shameless Season 6, titled Familia Supra Gallegorious Omnia. The episode starts with Frank joining forces with a random stranger he met at The L and planning to go all out on Sean.

The two break into Sean and Fiona’s house when they are fast asleep. Frank pees in Sean’s shoes and defiles his toothbrush, steals his cash and even mock shoots him.

The next morning starts off on a right note. Fiona wakes up to find that Deb and her baby are finally sleeping. Fiona sees Carl ironing his own clothes and advises him to start using protection if he is taking things to the next level with his girlfriend since they do not want another baby in the house.

This is the exact moment when Deb walks in and she has a snide remark for Fiona. Fiona, however, is sweet enough to ask her if Deb is coming for the wedding since she wants Frannie to be a flower girl, but Deb clearly isn’t in the mood for all that. Fiona also asks Debs if she could accompany her to Frannie’s doctor checkup, but Debs refuses the help.

Debs is in for some trouble at the doctor. Frannie has a bruise that the doctor is curious about and she also questions Debs about the nappy rashes that Frannie has developed. Debs speaks up about the situation at home and the doctor tries to convince her to take help to bring the baby up.

During the wedding, things go very wrong. Frank comes in and says that he will give away Fiona’s hand and when people plead him to leave, he speaks up about Sean still doing drugs. Fiona breaks down and Sean’s son is thoroughly disappointed.

Fiona tries to work things out, but Sean is more invested on making sure that his son is ok and leaves her at the altar. Fiona realizes that Sean had never stopped using and the viewers feel that she is better off without getting married to an old junkie.