Cheaters in Clash of Clans to Be Severely Punished from Now Onwards, Some Common Methods of Cheating Listed!

Supercell recently came forward with an announcement regarding its immensely popular game Clash of Clans. In the announcement, the Finnish company stated that from now onwards, players who use third-party software to gain unfair advantage in Clan Wars will be strictly punished.

The company added that it is taking this step to “level playing field” for all players of the game and any kind of fraudulency and cheating will not be tolerated. This initiative is a part of the company’s Fair Play Policy.

It is often seen that players use third-party software like X-Mod to scout out traps in opponent’s war bases which ultimately allow them to pre-plan the attack in a more efficient way so as to avoid the traps while attacking the base.

It is also seen that in a Clan War, a lower level base comes to attack a higher level one and after dropping a few troops in the defending base, stops the attack abruptly. It is within this short period of time; the opponent clan manages to take note of all the positions where the traps in the defending base are present.

Later on it is seen that a higher level base attacks the same base and manages to make a clean sweep by avoiding the traps. This is extremely frustrating and numerous fans have complained to Supercell to take necessary steps regarding it.

Some cheaters also use a method of cheating which is known as “sandboxing” in the world of games. In this method a player uses a third-party software to practice attacks on an opponent base. The software allows the user to use an uncountable number of attacks on the opponent base for the purpose of practice.

This enables the user to perfect his actual attack by learning from his mistakes in the practice runs. The process is time consuming but very fruitful. The attacks used on the base during practice are not counted as actual attacks in the Clan War.

Third-party software always enabled cheaters to gain unfair advantage on opponents. However, looks like their days of glory are over as Supercell has made clear that players using this kind of software will be banned from the game temporarily or even permanently. It also added that the disciplinary action might not end with just a ban.

A guideline has also been published in this regard which allows players to get a clear knowledge about which actions come under the criteria of cheating. Users found indulging in the following activities will be dubbed as cheaters-

  • Usage of third-party software which include the likes of hacks, mods, bots game-altering functionality and gameplay automation or script.
  • Indulging in buying and selling of game accounts in exchange for real money. It is often seen that the seller takes the money and then does not deliver the account to the buyer. Moreover, the shrewd seller often lures in multiple customers with a good base and then tricks them all into buying the same base. He takes the money from all of them but does not deliver the base to a single buyer.
  • Selling gems in an unauthorized manner and in the process gaining access to private data of layers will also be considered an act of cheating. Buying gems with stolen credit cards will also result in banning of the player.

A notification in this regard has already been added to the news section within the settings menu of the game. It sure looks like that the days of unscrupulous cheaters in Clash of Clans are over much to the relief of players who play the game fairly!

After the March update which brought about several new aspects to the game including a brand new Dark Barrack troop called the Bowler, Supercell has released yet another update for the game. However, unlike major updates which are mandatory, this one is optional.