Blindspot Creator Hints At More Deaths, Hope For The Fans Of Jane And Weller, Bethany’s Life Comes Into Focus!

Things are starting to get exciting in Blindspot Season 1. The previous episode saw Tasha Zapata (Audrey Esparza) being informed by an unknown person that she no longer needs to investigate the death of Thomas Carter (Michael Gastoni).

Instead she has to start delving deeper into the life of her own boss, Bethany Mayfair (Marianne Jean-Baptiste). The upcoming episode of Blindspot will deal with some personal problems of Bethany.

For the viewers who thought that Jane Doe (Jaimie Alexander) and FBI agent, Kurt Weller’s (Sullivan Stapleton) relationship couldn’t get more complicated, things are going to pick up in episode 19 of Blindspot Season 1. Weller’s current girlfriend, Allie (Trieste Kelly Dunn) will approach both Jane and Weller for some help in a case involving Rich Dotcom (Ennis Esmer).

When Jane sees Allie and Weller together, there is a little bit of her that’s jealous. Jane and Weller have always shared a very close relationship, but they could never really come together as a couple. Jane feels a bout of jealousy on seeing Allie with Weller and this could end up ruining her friendship with Weller.

However, Entertainment Weekly has reported that Weller and Jane will in fact come closer after the episode. Weller’s father is struggling with his life and in such a situation, he will find himself getting closer to Jane than he has ever been before. Oscar (Francois Arnaud) makes Jane fake childhood memory that might end up creating a lot of problems for Weller.

Sullivan Stapleton speaks about his character, Weller, and says that there are a lot of childhood memories that Taylor remembers and these can be used to manipulate Weller, so that he looks for other suspects in the crime.

Jane has always had feelings for Weller, but she is very well aware of the fact that things aren’t ever going to work out between them. In such a situation, she has started to focus all her attention on her ex-fiancé Oscar and it is clouding her sense of judgment. Jaimie Alexander said that Jane has feelings for Oscar that she is now letting out and these can be very dangerous for her.

Jane finds Oscar to be someone who has all the answers that she wants. She wants to be with someone who can provide her some relief. She realizes that she will not be able to be with Weller in such a fashion and hence is focusing all her attention on Oscar.

However, there is a question on how far Jane can trust Oscar since he has kept things from her when it comes to their mission. There are reports suggesting that Jane will confront Oscar about what he has been making her do and will be pretty agitated about the whole affair.

The upcoming episode of Blindspot will see the team racing to capture a gunman who had unleashed terror in a college campus. The incident will see Jane and Weller collaborating with one of their most notorious target since he is the only one who can help them reach the gunman.

With Weller and Jane working together, Allie will not be very happy about the bond that the two share. She makes it a point to let Weller know that she thinks that there is something between Weller and Jane even though she is unable to pinpoint it. The episode will see Allie leaving Weller since she needs some space.