Blindspot Creator Hints At More Deaths, Hope For The Fans Of Jane And Weller, Bethany’s Life Comes Into Focus!

The last two episodes of Blindspot saw the series deviating from the usual plot where they look into terrorism or espionage. It was all about focusing more on the quirkiness and the psyche of the characters in the series.

Last week’s episode saw Patterson (Ashley Johnson) sitting at a small restaurant in Brooklyn solving the clues of a crossword puzzle with her dead boyfriend. This week, the episode picks up from that exact spot and the viewers follow Patterson as she goes on a scavenger hunt devised by David (Joe Dinicol).

The team of Blindspot was at the PaleyFest recently and they let out some secrets on what fans can expect from the upcoming episodes of Blindspot. Jaimie Alexander said that Jane finds out who she really is and this makes a huge impact on her. She also said that Jane’s journey has just started and there is more to it.

Speaking about the characters who will die in Blindspot, creator, Martin Gero has informed the fans that they should brace up to the fact that many characters are going to die in Season 1. Alexander said that she was in tears when she read the script, which means that things are going to get pretty intense.

Fans, however, will be happy to know that Gero isn’t giving up on Jane and Weller and has hinted that things might work out between them.

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