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Users can choose whether they want to update the game or not with this particular update. One of the major changes that the March update brought was the reworked air defenses. After application of the update, they appeared significantly different than what they looked like in the past.

Many players complained that the new designs were confusing and they were unable to identify the different levels of the air defenses. The optional update is useful in this regard as it brings about several visual enhancements to the game which includes the air defenses.

Players also complained that the March update was faulty and full of glitches and bugs. The optional update brings about a number of bugs and error fixes too to the game and addresses some of the issues that the March update bought.

The March update brought several bugs to the Town Hall 11 level. Supercell acknowledged the fact that the bugs were indeed present in the update. It also assured fans that the developers are hard at work at sorting the issues out. However, nothing has been done in this regard yet by the Finnish company and this is causing a lot of disappointment among fans.

Stay tuned for more update on Clash of Clans.