Servers Back Online For NBA 2K14, Sim Bhullar Added To NBA 2K15’s Latest Roster Update!

You will notice that Microsoft’s Xbox 360 still offers online play for Halo 3. Another sports title, Madden NFL 12, has active online servers even though it arrived on store shelves, back in 2011. The recent statement made by 2K to Polygon states that they will wait for 27months after a game’s release, before shutting down their online servers.

According to this change, NBA 2K15, which arrived on the Xbox One, PS4, and other platforms last fall, will run smoothly until the makers are ready to release NBA 2K17 in 2016. With online play available for a longer time, players will wait instead of immediately upgrading their version to a newer one. A move like this ensures that NBA 2K14 players don’t lose their hard work. Also, they no longer need to upgrade forcibly within two years, in case they wish to keep on playing online.

In other news, Sim Bhullar, the biggest player currently in NBA, playing for the Sacramento Kings has been included with the latest NBA 2K15 Roster update. He is a 7”5 inches, 360 pound behemoth who was included in the summer league roster of the Kings, only to be cut later.

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