Jurassic World: New Video Doesn’t Feature Dinosaurs, Features Pratt and Howard!

Jurassic World has come out with its second video, and it is going to be a rather big disappointment to all the fans out there, except, of course, the Chris Pratt fans! The new trailer has nothing to do with dinosaurs. It shows Chris Pratt’s Owen Grady and Bryce Dallas Howard’s Claire Dearing talking up a storm, which reveals strong sexual current.

While Chris Pratt is his usual goofy self and is loveable, his charm is just not working out when it comes to this particular video from Jurassic World. The video fell short of the expectations of all the fans of the franchise. The fans are going to watch this for the dinosaurs and especially the T-Rex, but there was nothing but a mention of it and even the love angle to the plot is not much. The video refers to the debacle of a date that Dearing and Grady had, where he wore draft shorts while she had taken an itinerary.

The situation that is depicted does give us an ominous insight of what is to come, but it keeps the fans wanting more and even Chris Pratt can’t salvage the situation. The video gives the viewers an idea of Pratt’s character. Owen Grady is a charming researcher who has a past with Howard’s Claire Dearing. Dearing comes to ask Grady to test the paddocks around the park once before the newly engineered Diabolus Rex can be tested.

The very fact that Grady tells Dearing to take the dinosaurs seriously and that they are out to kill and eat; makes the viewers realise that those paddocks will not be able to contain the genetically modified Diabolus Rex. Dearing, who seems to be the operations manager at Jurassic World, doesn’t think that a situation where the engineered dinosaurs will ever rise, but the man controlling the velociraptors.

The first video had a lot more action while this one was intended to make the characters come alive and give a glimpse of the tension and drama that will appear in Jurassic World.