Servers Back Online For NBA 2K14, Sim Bhullar Added To NBA 2K15’s Latest Roster Update!

From now on, players of both NBA 2K14 and NBA 2K15 can breathe a sigh of relief as their game save will no longer be ruined by a 2K Games’ planned server shutdown. Recently, 2K confirmed that it placed the NBA 2K14 servers back online. 2K Games has also increased the amount of time for which gamers can play NBA 2K15’s online modes. According to a statement sent to Polygon, a video game website, 2K Games declared that it has already put the servers back online.

They have restored the NBA 2K14 servers along with all online services. This comes as great news for NBA 2K14 fans that started their consoles this week to a major disappointment.  They couldn’t access their single player game saves as they were still trying to connect to 2K servers for some reason. On March 31st, 2K Games shut down the servers for NBA 2K14. Gamers naturally expected their multiplayer and online saves to stop working, but no one predicted damage to single player experiences.

Since a long time, the NBA 2K franchise started offering a career mode that permits gamers to enjoy a real career simulation in the National Basketball Association. The game offered players with choices of playing online or offline. Playing online included some perks. The source of the problem remains that 2K did not clarify enough to users who opted to play online. Sadly, there are no options to switch your online career mode to an offline one.

Furthermore, PS4 and Xbox versions include online checks for the game servers even if the gamer is playing something in the single player offline mode. For many years, 2K Games had one of the most violent upgrade and release schedule in gaming. Every year, 2K Games releases a new addition to their franchise. After about 18 months, 2K Games would start shutting down servers for older titles, in order to minimize costs. When you compare this to other gaming titles, the server retirement policy appears rather aggressive.