Selena Gomez Pregnancy Rumours Not True, Singer Makes Pubic Appearance with Her New Love and Has Fun at a Girl’s-Night-In With Best Friend Taylor Swift!

Zedd is mature and serious, unlike Justin and seems to be giving the love and care that Selena craved, but never got. The two have been getting along like a house on fire at their music video, and the work is being much appreciated.

After reaching a new phase of her life, Selena has been having fun with her girlfriends. She and a bunch of her friends including Taylor Swift, Joey King and many more recently celebrated the 18th birthday of Fifth Harmony‘s Camila Cabello. The girls seemed to have a great girls’ night in, with loads of goodies and cakes. Selena uploaded a bunch of photo of them having fun on Instagram.

At the party, Joey King, who is pregnant with her second baby, named Taylor Swift as the baby’s godmother, and Taylor seems to be at the top of the world with the news. She uploaded photos on Instagram and couldn’t stop gushing about it.