Apple iPod Touch 6G Rumors Keep Circulating, Critics Expect iPhone 7 By Fall 2015!

Apple’s iPod was one of the major products that helped in the Cupertino-based giant’s rise to technological supremacy. The music player went through a lot of changes over the years along with a lot of upgrades. With so many improvements and design and structure innovations on the side, the iPod is a product loved by many. As a result, after the Apple iPod Touch 6th Generation, the fans are now expecting a newer upgrade.

However, Apple seems to be busy with many other brand new products expected to be released soon. Due to this, the fans are expecting that the upcoming iPod (if any) has taken a back seat for now.

In the Apple event that took place last year, fans eagerly waited for a glimpse of the latest iPod Touch. However, instead of that, Apple revealed its latest line of products including the brand new iPhone 6, iPad Air 2, iPhone 6 Plus and the iPad Mini 3. Sadly, there were no iPods in sight and neither were they mentioned.

Apple hasn’t provided any reason regarding this continued absence of the upgraded iPod line. However, critics are suggesting that Apple is presently concerned with the supply parts needed in the production of iPods. Furthermore, a major part of the market is solely focused on the iPhones and iPads. Hence, we are not sure whether people even want the iPods anymore.

While Apple seems to be delaying to the greatest possible extent, the fans are keeping the iPod dream alive with many rumors and specifications. Many technology websites suggest that the next Generation of iPods will be launched in September this year.

They will come with the same display size variants as that of the iPhone 6 and the 6 Plus. Furthermore, people want the iPods to be trendy and colorful. Hence, we can expect that Apple iPod Touch 6G will come in a variety of colors while running on the latest IOS 8.1.3 Operating System. It will also feature an improved battery life. Similar to the iPhone, the 6th generation iPod Touch will feature the Touch ID Fingerprint sensor.