Apple iPod Touch 6G Rumors Keep Circulating, Critics Expect iPhone 7 By Fall 2015!

The next iPod Touch will also boast an improved camera and expandable microSD card capability. As we are aware, the Apple Watch is already out. Hence, we can expect that the Apple iPod Touch 6G will include complete Apple Watch support. It will also be waterproof in nature. However, we regret to say that all of these are nothing but speculations and rumors. Officially, Apple is yet to comment on the future of the iPod line.

People expected to get a glimpse of the iPhone 6S or the iPod Touch 6th generation in the ‘Spring Forward’ media event. Many new devices from Apple like the MacBook with its USB-C trackpad technology and the Apple Watch were showcased.

However, reports indicate that the backlog in the iPhone inventory has finally cleared up. Hence, Apple should be free to start the production of iPod 6 which will supposedly use the same A8 chipset and iPhone displays. In the meantime, Apple’s trend of releasing the ‘S’ variants of their iPhones have grown outdated with time. As a result, this favors the release of iPhone 7 during the fall of this year.

Stay tuned for more updates on the Apple iPod Touch 6G!