Selena Gomez Pregnancy Rumours Not True, Singer Makes Pubic Appearance with Her New Love and Has Fun at a Girl’s-Night-In With Best Friend Taylor Swift!

There were a lot of rumours that Selena might be pregnant with Zedd’s baby after the couple made an appearance at the Vanity Fair party. Selena’s face looked full in the photos of the event, and the media was on a tizzy that Selena has put on weight because she is expecting. Well-wishers of the singer/actress have however come out to rubbish the claim.

Selena Gomez is known for her baby look and chipmunk cheeks and at the Vanity Fair party, her face looked fluffy and bloated and she didn’t touch a drop of alcohol the whole night. Selena Gomez is not pregnant. Her fuller look could either be a symptom of her Lupus, which she is said to suffer from, or it’s the fact that she is taking care of herself, now that she is happy and doing well in the new phase of her life.

Selena had hit a rough patch following her breakup with Justin Bieber. She had given her all in the relationship and when it appeared that Justin was not that keen on changing or making an effort to stop dating other girls, she had to come to terms with it and move on. The breakup with Justin had  had a detrimental impact on her look, and she had turned thin and sickly, neglecting herself completely and moping after her love.

The last year was a tough one for the young starlet. Her on and off relationship with Justin was splashed all over the media, she checked herself into rehab and with her career going downhill decided to fire her parents as her managers, but with the new year coming, Selena Gomez has risen from the ashes like a phoenix. She has set the internet on fire with her top-less shoot with V magazine and after teaming up with the young music director Zedd, she has roped herself in some high profile movies and has a few much-anticipated music videos releasing.

After a lot of speculation, Selena Gomez has come out on social media and confirmed that indeed, she and Zedd is a couple, and it’s not just a publicity stunt. With the internet crowded with photos of Zedd protectively wrapping his arms around Selena, we know for a fact that the girl has finally moved on.