Season 7 Speculations And Updates On Pretty Little Liars, Will Alison And Emily Finally Come Together? Let’s See

Recently, two liars have been reported unlucky in Pretty Little Liars Season 7, Shay Mitchell and Troian Bellisario. On 26th April, Mitchell suffered from a wardrobe malfunction on air, in Pretty Little Liars.

She took to her photo on her Instagram account on 25th April and declared in a caption, “AS IF I WASN’T NERVOUS ENOUGH… casual wardrobe malfunction while co-hosting @kellyandmichael (everyone should worry considering Sammy is the one trying to fix it) Thank you @michaelstrahan, I had THE BEST time!”

Concerning another issue, she again took to Instagram with another photo and the caption read, “A little #commercialbreak sewing after a wardrobe malfunction. No biggie #PLL #shaymitchell @Shaym #LIVETv SNAPCHAT: KellyandMichael.”

Meanwhile, reports indicate that Bellisario left her bag which contained her Coachella wristband along with her phone. This happened to her after a hike on the trails at Griffith Park.

A guy named Jack found the bag and tried to contact her through social media and as a result, Bellisario turned out to be lucky in the end. Jack posted a photo of him with Bellisario’s bag in his Instagram account on 23rd April.

In the photo’s caption, he wrote that he found her phone outside Griffith and texted some contacts in her phone but nobody responded to them.

He continued, “…I gotta head out in 30 mins please hit me up. Lol you have a lot of followers.” At the moment, Pretty Little Liars is on a season break between and it is clear that the show is currently filming its seventh season, as reported by MTV UK. According to the publication, the seventh season of Pretty Little Liars will provide details on what happened to Hanna, ever since Season 6.

Meanwhile, another dose of good hope was received by ‘Spoby’ shippers regarding the fact that their favorite couple will soon reunite after a set photo of Spencer and ex-boyfriend Toby was released.

Spencer’s character is portrayed by Troian Bellisario while Keegan Allen plays Toby. Allen posted the image on his Instagram account and it showed him and Bellisario in a completely relaxed pose.

From the looks of it, two main characters will be working side by side while the try to discover where Uber A is keeping Hanna, played by Ashley Benson.Uber A is the antagonist who has been sending them threatening messages and Hanna went missing on the night when the Liars were supposed to trap Uber A. Hanna’s

Uber A is the antagonist who has been sending them threatening messages and Hanna went missing on the night when the Liars were supposed to trap Uber A. Hanna’s ex, Caleb, and Spencer were still in a relationship when the show went on a hiatus.

Meanwhile, Toby is still in a relationship with Yvonne, played by Kara Royster. However, viewers noticed that their relationship was already on the verge of break down. Yvonne feels that Toby still has feelings for Spencer and is in love with her.

All that he has done is worry about her ever since his return to Rosewood.  Meanwhile, Spencer already told Caleb that she loves him but his feelings are still a mystery.

Hanna further admitted that she had never gotten over him in the years and this complicated things further. In the confession scene however, it was obvious that Caleb’s love for Hannah was shining in his eyes. Spencer will definitely see this soon and this will make her reconsider whether she should still stay by Caleb’s side.

In the end, she might end up going to Toby for comfort. Marlene King, the series creator hinted that Caleb will soon return to Hanna. In the season 6 finale, he was quite panicked when he found out that Hanna had disappeared and he didn’t care whether Spencer saw him in that state.