Permabans Will Follow If Players Keep Using Cheats in Clash of Clans Even After the Temporary Ban, Xmod Responds Adamantly!

Recently, Supercell talked about their latest policies in the game in order to encourage fair play. They announced that the accounts that were found using 3rd party hacks or cheats would be banned for 2 weeks at this time.

Supercell further reported that when those 2 weeks are up, if any of the banned accounts continue to use illegal 3rd party software, the accounts will be permanently banned and furthermore, the bans are also non-negotiable.

As a result, if you really wish to keep your Clash of Clans account, keep it in mind that this is a major warning to uninstall all of your third party utilities. In the meantime, one of the most popular third party apps, for Clash of Clans, Xmod declared that sadly, the worst case has happened and they were informed of a major Supercell ban wave.

The declaration further said that the Xmod team was going to need more time to confirm and find out all the details about the new ban mechanism. They feel sorry for the Xmod users who have already lost their game but at the same time, they are quite firm in their decision to enhance anti-detection algorithm for their users.

The team further requested that even if players don’t use the Xmod App, they should at least continue keeping it installed in their device. They directed players to clear cache data on their device by heading over to Settings->Apps/App Manager->Installed Apps/Xmodgames/Clear Data.

The users were asked to keep waiting patiently for the next update and follow Xmod closely on social media. If their fixed version passes beta test, they will have an update as soon as possible.

In the meantime, the mod developers talked about some precautions that Clash of Clans gamers should follow if they continue to use Xmod. For the sake of account safety, players are advised to use a backup account for playing.

The players must also be in low-profile and they must not post or comment on anything that is related to modding inside the game chat or forum other than the XMG app or SMS apps like Whatsapp, Line and others.

According to the Xmod team, if you follow these precautions, you can leave fewer behavioral traces for the Supercell GM to report your game. They further declared amusingly, “Have faith in us, Modders have come in union, and victory shall be ours”. Therefore, it seems like the Xmod guys have taken this up as a challenge and are going to try and improve their anti-detection algorithms.

Basically in every online game, this kind of a situation is always leads to a cat and mouse game. In the beginning, developers will figure out how the people are cheating and end up banning a lot of players while the hackers will try to figure out prevent the developers from detecting their updated cheats and the entire process will again repeat itself. However, as of now, it is best not to cheat in Clash of Clans.

Clash of Clans has been a really popular mobile game for many years and naturally enough; the developers are always doing their best to ensure the best gameplay for players across the world.

Ever since their update in December, Supercell has been receiving a lot of complaints and right now, the team is busy preventing the usage of any third-party software to cheat in the game. Players who continue with their unfair gaming scheme will end up being banned.