Final Fantasy 7 Remake Will Be in the Form of a Multiple-Part Release, Square Enix Likely to Release a New Trailer at E3!

It’s been some time since we heard any news regarding the Final Fantasy 7 remake and the fact that it’s not really going to be a big surprise. Right now, it is quite the off-season for video game news and Square Enix has to deal with a much more immediate project: Final Fantasy XV. This game is the biggest Square Enix project in years; it will come out on 30th September and needs to do really well.

The FF7 remake is still years away and it will definitely not be coming out in 2016. However, it might show up at the E3 this June. Like every other company in E3, Square Enix is interested in promoting its upcoming games and further increasing their sales. As a result, the company needs to strike a delicate balance.

The company wants us to be super excited about its upcoming games, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided and Final Fantasy XV! At the same time, the company wants us to be super excited about Square Enix in general and this calls for a Final Fantasy 7 remake.

This immediately became the most hyped video game by the studio in years. Square Enix should remain very interested in exciting its fans and non-fans alike. At the same time, most of the focus is going to remain on Final Fantasy XV.

Square Enix will try to sell 10 million copies of the game if they can. In the meantime, Deus Ex needs some love as well. The game hasn’t really received a lot of discussions yet but the last game in the series was rather welcome and well-loved. As a result, the developers understand that there is a lot of potential in the upcoming game of the series.

This is quite lucky for the gamers since getting a new Final Fantasy 7 remake trailer at E3 2016 dovetails nicely with FFXV and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. Enix is aware that players want Final Fantasy XV and everyone will watch its E3 presentation and visit the booth hoping to get a glance.

This is a great way in which exposure can be increased for Final Fantasy XV and Deus Ex. At the same time, you shouldn’t expect anything as concrete as a release date for the first part or a playable version to be released soon.

This would end up taking the attention away from the other games. However, you can expect the company showing some new gameplay while sharing details which would further help Square Enix with the marketing of all the other games.

At the same time, Square Enix may not want to show much since the game itself is not very far away. So, we better keep our fingers crossed for E3 June in order to get a glimpse of Final Fantasy 7 remake.

When the remake arrives, it will come with updated graphics, styles and features for the PS4. We have only received a handful of information regarding the title ever since it was announced. At the same time, a new report has provided fans with a release window for the remake along with its complete episodes.

Crossmap reports that the title will come with three fully completed episodes and it won’t be available to gamers till 2019. At the same time, it doesn’t mean that fans won’t get to see Final Fantasy 7 remake until that time.

Youth Health Fan reports that the earliest when gamers could see the remake will be in 2017. As a result, this means that the game will release with one episode while the future episodes will release at a later date.