Season 3 of Penny Dreadful Will Be Filmed In Almeria, Spain, Fans Will Get to Know More about Ethan Chandler!

Previous episodes of Penny Dreadful revealed that Ethan was involved in US Army Cavalry and he encountered several Native American tribes during that time. It was further stated that fans will get to know more about his past while he heads into America. The scenes that will be shot in the city of Almeria will feature dark themes from the 1800s American West.

Along with that, a new character will be introduced in the series as well. According to Entertainment Weekly, John Logan, the executive producer of Penny Dreadful has shared some details, “These characters have found so much strength and grace with each other, and intimacy and they’ve become stronger people by the closeness of their relationships.

Next season, some of them are alone, and they don’t have their friends to turn to — they don’t have that support. And how they’re going to function out there in the world without each other is interesting. What will be the event that will draw them back together?”

Meanwhile, according to the photos from the set which were shared on Instagram, fans should expect to know more about Ethan’s history which should be exciting, to say the least.

Stay tuned for more updates on Penny Dreadful!