Season 2 Review of Grace and Frankie, Comedy and Reality is Presented in the Best Possible Manner!

Basically, Grace and Frankie shows aged women above 60, having fun, drinking, having sex, creating art, dealing with sadness, contributing great ideas and much more. The sex isn’t clumsy either, on the contrary, it is rather sexy. Hollywood faces a real problem while dealing with women who are age appropriate for their on-screen male counterparts.

For instance, Olivia Wilde declared that she was called ‘too old’ while playing the 41-year old DiCaprio’s wife. There is a certain trend in casting younger female actresses with heavy-weight actors like Denzel Washington, Harrison Ford, Johnny Depp, Tom Cruise and George Clooney.

These actors along with others are repeatedly accompanied by younger supporting actresses. As a result, Hollywood is clearly declaring that women lose value as they age.  There could be many reasons behind it. Perhaps, the industry wants astronomical beauty standards or love interests for men are always women half their age. Moreover, older women are not getting any roles at all.

Coming back to the show, the audience had to sit through a really sluggish plot setup during the first season. The second season begins immediately after the season 1 finale and it feels more like a continuation rather than a new season. However, it takes place in a good way and the audience is immediately sent back into the story without wasting any time at all.

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