Schmidt Meet His Father, Fans Want Megan Fox To Return To New Girl Season 5, Jess and Reagan Set To Meet At The Wedding, And More

Zooey Deschanel’s fans are glad that she is back in New Girl, but now they want New Girl with both Jess and Reagan in it. New Girl Season 5 saw Reagan and Nick kiss and this has made some fans think that there is going to be bad blood between the two since Jess and Nick had talked about giving their relationship a shot.

There are chances that Reagan will be back for Schmidt and Cece’s wedding and she will meet Jess then. Brett Bauer, the showrunner has confirmed that New Girl Season 5 will not pursue a storyline that will focus on the bad blood between Jess and Reagan. The girls are more mature than that and plus Jess has just made out with Gavin so they are equal.

There was a time when the viewers of New Girl couldn’t imagine the show without Jess. Ever since she had taken a leave from it, the viewers have realized that the new way of dealing with the plot, where instead of focusing on just Jess, the show focuses on all the characters, is way better. They hope that the showrunners continues in the similar manner for the rest of the season and beyond.

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