Schmidt Meet His Father, Fans Want Megan Fox To Return To New Girl Season 5, Jess and Reagan Set To Meet At The Wedding, And More

New Girl has been moving forward to the marriage of Cece (Hannah Simone) and Schmidt (Max Greenfield) and with episode 12 it has finally entered the D-Day zone. Jess (Zooey Deschanel) is back in the series after her maternity leave and she is ready to help out her best friend for her important day.

Cece gets called for an assignment, now that she is working as a reported and Jess steps in to help out with the selection of wine for the reception. Jess goes ahead and meets Gavin (Peter Gallagher) the handsome and dashing wine-seller and by the end of the day the two of them end up making out.

The New Girl Season 5 episode moves on to Schmidt panicking after he gets the news that his father is going to be visiting him. Schmidt has always been distant with his father and has seldom seen him be there for important days of his life. However, he extends the invitation for the wedding to his father and he decides to come for it.

New Girl Season 5 handles the moment when Schmidt and his father meet and the awkwardness that follows when the former realizes that the man Jess had made out with was actually his father. Trust Jess to make a situation complex. However, New Girl cruises over the intricacies of the meeting and Schmidt and Gavin talk it out.

The moment when Schmidt refuses to talk to his father and Jess tries to be the mediator and asks Gavin to speak through the camera on her helmet is heart-melting. Peter Gallagher as Gavin is suave and smooth and he comes out as genuine.

He apologizes for not being there for his son and says that he is truly sorry. This makes Schmidt and Cece come out to meet him.

Gavin informs Schmidt that he is happy to realize that his son isn’t like him. Schmidt and Gavin bond at a very unusual moment. Schmidt had chosen a particular font for the wedding invitation and when Gavin is asked for his pick, he ends up picking the exact same font.

This makes the two of them the only one to select that particular font. Things turn out well with Gavin getting an invitation. Fans sure hope that he turns out for the wedding since it will be worth a watch.

On the other hand, Nick (Jake Johnson) and Winston (Lamorne Morris) have a tiff deciding whose job is more difficult. They decide to live each other’s work life and decide. Winston struggles to manage the bar while Nick freaks out and hides in the car when he is chased by a criminal. They both realize that both their jobs are equally.

There is another person that the fans want to come for Schmidt and Cece’s wedding and that will be Megan Fox’s Reagan. Megan Fox was brought into the show to temporarily fill in for Jess while she was away on leave. With Jess away on jury duty, the boys lease out her room and a medical rep comes in to stay in it.

There were a lot of doubts among the fans of New Girl since they felt that Megan Fox will not do justice to the show. However, as it turns out, the beautiful actress has amazing sense of humor and comic timing and has won the hearts of the fans. The fans didn’t want Megan Fox to leave New Girl Season 5 even though the story arc of her character was over.