Scandal Season 5: Fitz And Olivia Take Their Relationship Forward, North’s Intentions Unclear!

The Season 5 of Scandal is already out and by the looks of it, things are getting steamed up. Olivia and the President seem to be taking their relationship to the next level letting caution to the wind and this might be the showrunner’s indication that things are set to go terribly wrong for these two love-birds.

The trailer also shows that President Grant is going to hand over the divorce papers to a rather shocked Mellie and this might trigger her to seek her revenge and her rightful position back. The last season finale pulled out the rug from the viewers’ feet and Shonda Rhimes is going to keep things that tight even in the first few episodes of Scandal Season 5.

Apart from settling things with the regular characters, Scandal Season 5 is going to see some new faces. Cornelius Smith Jr. is set to become a show regular as Marcus Walker. Marcus Walker was a political activist in earlier episodes, but he will now become a regular.

According to Deadline, Mia Maestro is also set to feature in a major role in Scandal Season 5. Shonda Rhimes has been tight-lipped about the role she will be playing, so fans will have to wait for it.

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